Bangladesh vs Pakistan 3rd T20I at Dhaka, 22 Nov, 2021

Toss: Bangladesh, who chose to bat
Bangladesh 124/7 (20)
Pakistan 127/5 (20)
Pakistan won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Haider Ali

    Over 19.1 Haris Rauf tossed up delivery to Mahmudullah, out Caught by Mohammad Wasim Jr!! ahmudullah swings hard and seems to have made good contact. But no. It's been taken on the square leg boundary by Wasim

    Over 19.4 Haris Rauf bowls a pitched up delivery to Mahedi Hasan, no run, came down the track and  swung and missed. But it's not been called wide. Just been signalled as one for the over

    Over 19.5 Haris Rauf bowls a pitched up delivery to Mahedi Hasan, Boundary! Gets forward and slashes it hard, the ball takes the outside edge and goes down to the third man fence for four.

    Over 19.6 Haris Rauf bowls a good length delivery to Mahedi Hasan,  out Aminul Islam Run Out!! 1 run completed. Squeezed to long-on. It's the last ball and Aminul rightly charges back for the second. But Mahedi doesn't want to lose his wicket. He stands his ground and both of them end up next to each other at the non-striker's end. 

    Innings break!