South Africa vs England 4th Test at Centurion, 22 Jan, 2016

Toss: South Africa, who chose to bat first
South Africa 475/10 (132)  &  248/5 (83.2)
England 342/10 (104.2)  &  101/10 (34.4)
South Africa won by 280 runs
Man of the Match: Kagiso Rabada
  • Moeen Ali 10 * (21)

Over 71.4KagisoRabada bowls good length delivery to JMBairstow, gets forward and leaves it outside off to the wicket keeper.No runs

Over 71.5KagisoRabada bowls short and wide to JMBairstow, goes back and cuts it away straight to backward point.No runs

Over 71.6KagisoRabada bowls short and wide to JMBairstow, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught