Chennai Super Kings See Themselves in a Lot of Trouble After Suresh Raina leaves the Camp in UAE

Published on: Sep 03, 2020

It looks like hard times are coming for CSK after a series of weird incidents that took place in the team’s camp in the United Arab Emirates for the IPL. After more than 10 team members tested positive for Coronavirus, it looks like there is more bad news coming towards CSK, this time from Suresh Raina.

At first, the media speculated that the reason why Suresh left the camp was tied to not being happy with the hotel room he received. However, the batting mainstay was quick to deny this rumor in an interview for NDTV. He insisted that all these claims are fabricated, and he had personal reasons to leave the camp.

It was later revealed that Raina suffered a huge personal upset, his uncle being killed, and aunt critically injured after an attack in the village they were living in, Pathankot. After receiving such a huge blow, it is understandable why the most capped player of the franchise decided to go home and take care of his family during these times.

This is not the news CSK bosses would want to get after the team already lost 13 players due to COVID infections and rumors already started to spread about the team not being able to start the IPL on schedule. To make matters even worse, Suresh Raina announced he retired from the IPL altogether, hinting that his time away from the team isn’t a short one.

With a truly short time before the IPL opening match against Mumbai Indians on September 19, Chennai Super Kings need to work some magic to start the tournament and stand a chance. It is clear for everyone that the team will not show the same strength without their all-time second-highest run-getter in the IPL and the other 13 players that may not be able to play. However, just Raina declared, everyone needs to give their best during these difficult times and hope for a good result in these tough conditions.

It looks like the hard times for worldwide sport are far from being over. After the Champions League and all other major sporting competitions suffered important modifications in terms of schedule and organization, the IPL is also forced to move all their games in the UAE, in a shorter timeframe. The tournament will be held across three venues in the UAE starting September 19 to November 10. Everything’s pretty much a gamble right now, like what you would be able to enjoy in US online casinos. However, we can only hope that everything will be patched up in time for the IPL to start normally.

In the meantime, the ICC continues to provide top-quality cricket to fans across the globe. Pakistan got passed England after being defeated a couple of days back, Belgium is showing a real tour of strength winning all their last games, while everyone is looking forward to watching the clash between England and Australia.