Bangalore XI vs Rajasthan XI Qualifier 2 at Mumbai, 27 May, 2022

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 157/8 (20)
Rajasthan XI 161/3 (18.1)
Rajasthan won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler
  • Shimron Hetmyer 2 * (3)
  • Jos Buttler 106 * (60)

Over 0.6 Trent Boult bowls a pitched up delivery to Virat Kohli,Six! Shuffles down the pitch to negate the swing and gives it a proper whippage to send it flying over the deep square leg fence

Over 8.3: Sixer!. Yuzvendra Chahal to Rajat Patidar,

Over 11.2 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Rajat Patidar,Six! Clears his front leg and launches Ashwin into the sightscreen.

Over 12.2 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell,Six! Rock back in the crease and slogs and gets it off the thick top-edge, it hung in the air for an eternity and Hetmyer couldn't quite time his jump at deep mid-wicket. 

Over 14.6: Sixer!. Yuzvendra Chahal to Rajat Patidar,

Over 15.2 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Rajat Patidar,Six! Gets clears the front leg and whacks it over midwicket for six.

Over 18.5 Prasidh Krishna bowls a pitched up delivery to Shahbaz Ahmed,Six!  Gets under the ball and smokes it over long-on for six.