Bangalore XI vs Rajasthan XI Qualifier 2 at Mumbai, 27 May, 2022

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 157/8 (20)
Rajasthan XI 161/3 (18.1)
Rajasthan won by 7 wickets
Man of the Match: Jos Buttler
  • Shimron Hetmyer 2 * (3)
  • Jos Buttler 106 * (60)

Over 10.5 Obed McCoy bowls a back of length delivery to GJ Maxwell,1 run, shuffles across on the back foot and tucks it down the leg side.

Over 11.2 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to Rajat Patidar,Six! Clears his front leg and launches Ashwin into the sightscreen.

Over 11.3 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell,1 run, makes room and forces the quicker delivery down to long-on

Over 11.5 Ravichandran Ashwin tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell,1 run, gets forward and  worked away to mid-wicket

Over 12.2 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell,Six! Rock back in the crease and slogs and gets it off the thick top-edge, it hung in the air for an eternity and Hetmyer couldn't quite time his jump at deep mid-wicket. 

Over 12.3 Yuzvendra Chahal bowls it flat in the air to GJ Maxwell,1 run, punched off the back foot towards long-on

Over 12.5 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell, Boundary! Switches his stance and swipes it over short third, manages enough contact to get it over the fielder

Over 12.6 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to GJ Maxwell,1 run, gets forward and swatted down to long-on

Over 13.1 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to GJ Maxwell, 3 runs, gets waits on it nicely and cuts it through backward point. Hetmyer pulls it back an inch from the rope

Over 13.3 Trent Boult bowls a half volley to GJ Maxwell, no run, gets forward and mistimes the drive to cover. Fine leg was pushed back, so maybe Maxwell was anticipating the short ball

Over 13.4 Trent Boult bowls a slower one to GJ Maxwell, no run, stays deep inside the crease and gone for a reverse-swat but has missed it

Over 13.5 Trent Boult bowls it short of length to GJ Maxwell, no run, gives himself some room and looks to cut it away but misses

Over 13.6 Trent Boult bowls a good length delivery to GJ Maxwell, out Caught by Obed McCoy!! Maxwell pulls in the air. It goes flat towards fine leg, it's dying in front of him but McCoy runs in and dives forward to hold on with both hands.