Australia vs England 2nd Test at Adelaide, 16 Dec, 2021

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 473/9 (150.4)  &  230/9 (61)
England 236/10 (84.1)  &  192/10 (113.1)
Australia won by 275 runs
Man of the Match: Marnus Labuschagne

    Over 2.1: He is Caught. Mitchell Starc to Haseeb Hameed,

    Over 6.2 Michael Neser bowls a good length delivery to Haseeb Hameed, out Caught by Starc!! Picks a full one off the pads and flicks with no control, ends up swatting it straight to Starc at mid-on! Incredible scenes here

    Over 45.4 Cameron Green bowls a good length delivery to Joe Root,  out Caught by Smith!! Root wasn't looking comfortable. This is another similar delivery, he goes poking at it and gets a healthy edge to first slip.

    Over 51.5 Nathan Lyon tossed up delivery to Dawid Malan, out Caught by Smith!! , Shortish and outside off, Malan is rushed by the extra lift off the deck as he goes for a slash-cut. Only gets a thick edge that flies through to first slip

    Over 56.6: He is Caught. Nathan Lyon to Ben Stokes,

    Over 61.5: He is Caught. Mitchell Starc to Ben Stokes,

    Over 74.5 Nathan Lyon tossed up delivery to Chris Woakes, out Bowled!! Woakes gets onto the backfoot but forgets to bring his bat back with him, ends up with an ugly prod outside off, as it spins back in, takes the inside edge, and breaches the gap between bat and pad to crash into the stumps

    Over 76.4 Nathan Lyon bowls a quicker arm ball to Ollie Robinson,  out Lbw!! Gets back and across, tries working it across the line, a little too fine perhaps. No bat on it - nothing on hotspot, but forward short leg is blocking it. Nothing on Snicko. Umpire's call for impact, and that's crashed into the top of middle

    Over 79.3 Cameron Green bowls a good length delivery to Ben Stokes, out Bowled!! Stokes clears his front leg and tries to flay this through the off-side, gets a thick under-edge that crashes into the stumps

    Over 84.1 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to SCJ Broad, out Caught by Head!!  Broad backs away and gets cramped on the slog, gets a bit of a top-edge towards the cover area where Head settles under a catch