England vs Pakistan 1st ODI at Cardiff, 08 Jul, 2021

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
Pakistan 141/10 (35.2)
England 142/1 (21.5)
England won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Saqib Mahmood
  • Zak Crawley 58 * (50)
  • Dawid Malan 68 * (69)

Over 1.1 Hasan Ali bowls a pitched up delivery to Dawid Malan, no run, gets forward and drives it straight to cover

Over 3.4: Boundary!. Hasan Ali to Philip Salt,

Over 5.6 Hasan Ali bowls a half volley to Zak Crawley, Boundary! Comes on to the front foot and driven along the ground to sweeper cover fence for four.

Over 16.2 Shadab Khan tossed up delivery to Dawid Malan, Boundary! Goes down on his knee and plays a reverse sweep down to the third man fence for four.

Over 17.4 Faheem Ashraf bowls a pitched up delivery to Zak Crawley, Boundary! Gets forward to this wide half-volley and strokes it with aplomb through the gap at cover. Was struck on the up.

Over 18.4 Shadab Khan bowls it short of length to Zak Crawley, Boundary! Rock back in the crease and pulls it down to the deep mid-wicket fence for four.

Over 19.6 Faheem Ashraf bowls it short of length to Zak Crawley, Boundary! Stays deep inside the crease and  cuts this fiercely wide of backward point. No chance for the third man