England vs Pakistan 1st ODI at Cardiff, 08 Jul, 2021

Toss: England, who chose to bowl
Pakistan 141/10 (35.2)
England 142/1 (21.5)
England won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Saqib Mahmood
  • Zak Crawley 58 * (50)
  • Dawid Malan 68 * (69)

Over 15.1 Haris Rauf bowls a pitched up delivery to Dawid Malan,1 run, gets forward and drives sweetly off the front foot but short cover does well to get a hand on this, deflecting this towards the right of mid-off

Over 15.2 Haris Rauf bowls a good length delivery to Zak Crawley, no run, stays in the crease and defends firmly down the track

Over 15.3 Haris Rauf bowls it short of length to Zak Crawley,1 run, shuffles across on the back foot and pulled away towards deep backward square leg

Over 15.4 Haris Rauf bowls a slower one to Dawid Malan,1 run, gets forward and nudged towards square leg

Over 15.5 Haris Rauf bowls a pitched up delivery to Zak Crawley,1 run, moves across in the crease and  flicked away behind square leg

Over 15.6 Haris Rauf slips in a full toss to Dawid Malan,1 run, gets forward and flicked away towards deep mid-wicket

Over 17.1 Faheem Ashraf bowls a good length delivery to Dawid Malan, no run, gets forward and  tried to steer it down to third man but got beaten on the outside edge.