Australia vs England 4th Test at Manchester, 04 Sep, 2019

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 497/8 (126)  &  186/6 (42.5)
England 301/10 (107)  &  197/10 (91.3)
Australia won by 185 runs
Man of the Match: Steven Smith
  • SCJ Broad 0 * (3)

Over 0.4 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to DA Warner, out Caught by Bairstow!

Over 6.6 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to Marcus Harris, out LBW!

Over 39.2 Craig Overton bowls a good length delivery to Marnus Labuschagne, out Bowled!!  A lazy attempt at covering the movement, this one nipped back in from outside off, burst through the gap and hit the top of off-stump.

Over 48.4 SCJ Broad bowls a good length delivery to Travis Head, out LBW! Head played all around it. Totally missed the line of the ball and gets struck low on the pad. The Umpires finger went up in a flash 

Over 60.5 Jack Leach tossed up delivery to MS Wade, out Caught by Root!! Wade was in no position to play the loft, he skies it straight up towards deepish mid-on, where Root steadies himself and hangs on.

Over 101.1Craig Overton bowls good length delivery to Tim Paine, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 104.6Jack Leach bowls quicker and flatter in the air to Pat Cummins, gets an outside edge and is caught in the slips.He is Caught

Over 117.5 Joe Root tossed up delivery to Steven Smith, out Caught by Denly!! Smith went down on the reverse sweep, didn't get hold of the shot and spooned it straight to Denly at short third man.