Rajasthan XI vs Punjab XI 4th Match at Jaipur, 25 Mar, 2019

Toss: Rajasthan, who chose to bowl
Punjab XI 184/4 (20)
Rajasthan XI 170/9 (20)
Punjab won by 14 runs
Man of the Match: CH Gayle
  • Dhawal Kulkarni 5 * (3)
  • Shreyas Gopal 1 * (1)

Over 1.2 Krishnappa Gowtham tossed up delivery to Mayank Agarwal, Six!! Gets reaches out and swings his bat through the line, runs his hands through it in lofting it over long-off for six.

Over 7.4 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a back of length delivery to Mayank Agarwal, Six!! Backs away and transfers his weight onto that through-the-line loft over deep extra cover for six.

Over 8.1 Krishnappa Gowtham tossed up delivery to CH Gayle,Six!! Goes down on his knee and plays a slog sweep over deep mid-wicket and the ball went all the way into the stands.

Over 11.4 Jaydev Unadkat bowls a pitched up delivery to CH Gayle, Six!! Gets under the ball and smokes it over long-off for a maximum.

Over 13.4 Jofra Archer bowls a good length delivery to CH Gayle, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and smokes it over long--off for a maximum.

Over 15.1 Ben Stokes bowls a good length delivery to CH Gayle, Six!! Stands tall and swings with a straight bat, with a lot of toe-end, but those muscles will do an 87-meters themselves.

Over 19.6 Ben Stokes bowls a good length delivery to Sarfaraz Khan, Six!!  Gets clears his front leg and whacks it across the line over deep backward square leg and the ball went all the way into the stands.