Bangladesh vs Pakistan 43rd Match at London, 05 Jul, 2019

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bat
Pakistan 315/9 (50)
Bangladesh 221/10 (44.1)
Pakistan won by 94 runs
Man of the Match: Shaheen Afridi
  • Mehidy Hasan 7 * (6)

Over 41.6 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a good length delivery to Haris Sohail, no run, comes on to the front foot and left alone outside off through to the keeper.

Over 42.2 Mehidy Hasan tossed up delivery to Haris Sohail,1 run, gets forward and eases it down to the long-on and gets a single.

Over 43.1 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a pitched up delivery to Haris Sohail, Boundary! Presses forward and timed the pants off the cover-drive past extra cover and gets a boundary.

Over 43.2 Mustafizur Rahman bangs it short onto the pitch to Haris Sohail, no run, stays deep inside the crease and ducks under it to sways away from the bouncer.

Over 43.3 Mustafizur Rahman bowls a pitched up delivery to Haris Sohail,1 run, moves across in the crease and whips  it down to deep square leg and picks up a single.

Over 43.5 Mustafizur Rahman bowls it short and wide outside off to Haris Sohail, out Caught by Soumya Sarkar!! Haris Sohail tries to flay this away over sweeper but instead mistimed it straight to that man, Soumya Sarkar who takes the catch with minimum fuss.