England vs Pakistan 1st Semi-final at Cardiff, 14 Jun, 2017

Toss: Pakistan, who chose to bowl
England 211/10 (49.5)
Pakistan 215/2 (37.1)
Pakistan won by 8 wickets
Man of the Match: Hasan Ali
  • Mohammad Hafeez 31 * (21)
  • Babar Azam 38 * (45)

Over 0.4 Mark Wood bowls it short of length to Fakhar Zaman, Six!! Swivelled across on the pull, didn't get hold of the shot, gets a fat top-edge that sails over the keeper's head, sails all the way over the ropes for a maximum.

Over 12.1 Ben Stokes bowls it short of length to Azhar Ali, Six!! Swivelling across on the pull - for a change, he doesn't roll his wrists over it, the top-edge went in the air and flying over Rashid at long leg.

Over 23.2 Adil Rashid bowls a tossed up delivery to Babar Azam, Six!! Got very close to the pitch of the ball and launched this loft over mid-on, had enough legs to clear the rope.

Over 33.6Adil Rashid to Mohammad Hafeez Sixer! ...