Australia vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test at Colombo, 13 Aug, 2016

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 355/9 (141.1)  &  347/8 (99.3)
Australia 379/10 (125.1)  &  160/10 (44.1)
Sri Lanka won by 163 runs
Man of the Match: HMRKB Herath
  • Jon Holland 0 * (5)

Over 0.4 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to Dilruwan Perera, out Lbw!!  A nothing shot. A big, fat morbidly obese nothing shot. Leaves this fullish length that nips in just enough to ping Perera right in front of off-stump.

Over 20.5 JM Holland bowls a tossed up delivery to MDKJ Perera, out Caught by Nevill!!  Perera failed to connect with the reverse sweep. Pretty close to the bat though. The ball has changed its path but it's turn and not anything else. The on-field call is NOT OUT. Goodness me, bite me! It's out

Over 45.5 Nathan Lyon bowls a tossed up delivery to AD Mathews, out Caught by Smith!!  Mathews brings his broom out looking expansive sweeps, the ball ends up bouncing a little more than he would have anticipated and the ball lobs up off the glove to first slip.

Over 79.3Nathan Lyon bowls quicker and flatter in the air to LD Chandimal, he is struck on the pad and the Umpire has given that out LBW.Out LBW

Over 86.5JM Holland bowls flatter trajectory delivery to Kaushal Silva, and he is caught by the fielder in the infield.He is Caught

Over 91.1Nathan Lyon bowls flighted delivery to HMRKBHerath, gets an outside edge and is caught in the slips.He is Caught