Bangalore XI vs Punjab XI 50th T20 at Bangalore, 18 May, 2016

Toss: Kings XI Punjab, who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 211/3 (15)
Punjab XI 120/9 (14)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 82 runs (D/L method)
Man of the Match: Virat Kohli
  • Sandeep Sharma 5 * (5)
  • KC Cariappa 12 * (8)

Over 0.4 STR Binny bowls a good length delivery to HM Amla, no runs, walks across and tries to help it away fine.

Over 0.5 STR Binny bowls a yorker right into the blockhole to HM Amla, 1 run, goes deep in the crease and digs it out to mid-on and picks up  a quick single.

Over 1.5 Sreenath Aravind bowls a pitched up delivery to WP Saha, 1 run, gets forward and pushes it to cover-point for a single.

Over 2.1 Chris Jordan bowls a good length delivery to HM Amla, 1 run, gets forward and  tries to fetch this flick from outside off stump, gets the edge and gets away with it. 

Over 4.3 Sreenath Aravind bowls it short of length to HM Amla, Six!! Gets waited for it and pulled it over deep mid-wicket for maximum.

Over 4.4 Sreenath Aravind bowls a good length delivery to HM Amla,  out Caught by Jordan!! Amla wanted to go over the top but miscued it compltely, looped it low towards mid-off, where Jordan judged it to perfection