Bangalore XI vs Hyderabad XI 4th Match at Bengaluru, 12 Apr, 2016

Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad, who chose to field
Bangalore XI 227/4 (20)
Hyderabad XI 182/6 (20)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 45 runs
Man of the Match: AB de Villiers
  • Karn Sharma 26 * (17)
  • Eoin Morgan 22 * (18)

Over 2.6AF Milne bowls short of length delivery to DA Warner, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

Over 4.3 Harshal Patel bowls a good length delivery to DA Warner, Six!! Gets clears his front leg and then clubs it over extra cover and it goes all the way. 

Over 5.4 Parvez Rasool bowls it short of length to MC Henriques, Six!! Rocks back in the crease and hammers it over the mid-wicket fence. It cleared the boundary board.

Over 7.3 YS Chahal bowls a pitched up delivery to DA Warner, Six!! Gets forward and  lofts it over long-off and clears the boundary boards with ease. It hit the sweet spot of the bat.

Over 7.6 YS Chahal bowls a tossed up delivery to DA Warner, Six!! Gets down on one knee and pulverises it over long-on for a maxmimum.

Over 13.3YSChahal to Ashish Reddy Sixer! ...

Over 13.5YSChahal to Ashish Reddy Sixer! ...

Over 14.5 Parvez Rasool bowls a pitched up delivery to Ashish Reddy, Six!! Comes down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and heaves it over long-on for maximum.

Over 17.2 AF Milne bowls a back of length delivery to Karn Sharma, Six!! Backs away in the crease and slices it towards the third man fence.