Kolkata XI vs Delhi XI 2nd Match at Kolkata, 10 Apr, 2016

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders, who chose to bowl first
Delhi XI 98/10 (17.4)
Kolkata XI 99/1 (14.1)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: Andre Russell
  • Manish Pandey 15 * (12)
  • G Gambhir 38 * (41)

Over 0.1 Andre Russell bowls a half volley to Mayank Agarwal, Boundary! Comes on to the front foot and lofted the drive over the cover region and the ball raced away to the fence.

Over 1.4 Umesh Yadav bowls it short of length to Quinton de Kock, Boundary! Rock back and pull this one well over mid-wicket, one bounce over the ropes.

Over 4.6Andre Russell bowls pitched up delivery to SV Samson, flicks it across towards the long on regionBoundary!

Over 6.1 Umesh Yadav bowls a good length delivery to SV Samson, Boundary! Moves across in the crease and clips it down to fine-leg fence for four.

Over 11.1GB Hogg to CH Morris Boundary! ...

Over 12.3 PP Chawla bowls a half volley to CH Morris, Boundary! Comes on to the front foot and driven beautifully through extra-cover and the ball raced away to the fence for four.

Over 13.5 GB Hogg bowls a tossed up delivery to Nathan Coulter-Nile, Boundary! Gets close to the pitch of the ball and drives it to the long-off boundary. It beat the fielder in the deep with ease.

Over 17.3 JW Hastings bowls it short of length to Z Khan, Boundary! Makes room and heaves it over mid-on and the ball raced away to the fence for four.