West Indies vs Australia 1st Test at Dominica, 03 Jun, 2015

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bat
West Indies 148/10 (53.5)  &  216/10 (86)
Australia 318/10 (107)  &  47/1 (5)
Australia won by 9 wickets
Man of the Match: AC Voges
  • Steven Smith 5 * (4)
  • Shaun Marsh 13 * (7)

Over 2.2 JE Taylor to DA Warner,  out Caught by Blackwood!! Short of a length ball, Warner was opened up as he looks to turn it to the on-side, the extra bounce catches the leading edge and balloons to point.

Over 16.1 JO Holder to SE Marsh,  out Caught by Darren Bravo!!  This was a back of a length delivery well outside off, Marsh goes hard at it with an angular bat, the ball takes the outside edge and goes into the hands of Bravo.

Over 23.2 D Bishoo to MJ Clarke, out Caught by Ramdin!!  It was a flatter delivery turning away outside off, Clarke makes room and looks to cut, edges it to the keeper, who takes a good catch.

Over 37.5 D Bishoo to SPD Smith, out Stumped!! Bishoo dropped this one short and got to rip across Smith, he was nowhere near the pitch of the ball, Ramdin whips the bails off in a flash

Over 39.6 D Bishoo to SR Watson, out Caught by J Holder!!  This was tossed up wider by Bishoo, drew Watson into the drive, he didn't get on top of the ball and ended up edging it towards Holder.

Over 43.6 D Bishoo to BJ Haddin, out Bowled!! This was tossed up on the leg-stump, Haddin forward before ripping past the face of the bat, the ball turned square and clips the outside of off-stump.

Over 63.4 D Bishoo to MG Johnson, out Caught by Samuels!!  This was bowled flatter and turns in towards Johnson, who goes down on one knee and looks to slog sweep, he gets a top-edge and Samuels at short fine leg takes an easy catch.

Over 63.6 D Bishoo to Mitchell Starc, out Bowled!! This was floated up around off, Starc goes for a big drive through the off-side, the ball turns in big, sneaks past the inside edge and crashes into the stumps.

Over 78.2 ST Gabriel to Nathan Lyon, out Lbw!! Umpire had his finger up in a flash. Lyon walked across the stumps and tried to glance it fine, but missed the full ball completely and got hit on the front pad

Over 106.6 MN Samuels to J Hazlewood,  out Bowled!!  This was the straighter one from Samuels. Hazlewood was playing for the turn.The ball sneaks through the gap between the bat and pad and crashes into the stumps.