South Africa vs UAE 36th Match at Wellington, 12 Mar, 2015

Toss: UAE, who chose to bowl first
South Africa 341/6 (50)
UAE 195/10 (47.3)
South Africa won by 146 runs
Man of the Match: AB de Villiers
  • Swapnil Patil 57 * (100)

Over 2.5 Mohammad Naveed to HM Amla, out Caught by Amjad Ali!!  It was banged in short and outside off, Amla went for the pull, but gets a top-edge that goes high in the air, the fielder from cover runs forward, gets under it and reverse-cups it and takes it well. Amla c Amjad Ali b Naveed 12(16)

Over 15.6AmjadJaved bowls short of length delivery to Quinton de Kock, gets an outside edge which is caught by the Keeper.He is Caught

Over 18.2 Mohammad Tauqir to RR Rossouw,  out Caught and Bowled!! Tauqir slows this one on off, Rossouw was early into the drive and checks his shot at the last moment, ends up chipping it straight towards the bowler, who takes it above his head. It is a soft, soft dismissal for Rossouw.Rossouw c and b M Tauqir 43(49) 

Over 42.2 Kamran Shazad to AB de Villiers, out Caught by Amjad Javed!! It was full and outside off, de Villiers opens the bat face and slices it to short third man, Javed remains calm and takes it easily. It is the 4th time that ABD has got out in the 90s in ODIs. de Villiers c Amjad Javed b Kamran Shazad 99(82) 

Over 46.6 Mohammad Naveed to JP Duminy, out Lbw!! Duminy could have been destructive at this stage of the innings. Naveed rewarded for keeping it full and straight. The only doubt was if it was missing the off-stump, Duminy missed the clip and was struck on the back pad. Umpire Tucker took his time before raising his finger. Hawk-Eye confirms that the onfield umpire had got it right. Duminy lbw b Naveed 23(28)