India vs West Indies 28th Match at Perth, 06 Mar, 2015

Toss: West Indies, who chose to bat
West Indies 182/10 (44.2)
India 185/6 (39.1)
India won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: Mohammed Shami
  • Ravichandran Ashwin 16 * (32)
  • MS Dhoni 45 * (56)

Over 4.5  Mohammed Shami to DR Smith, out Caught by Dhoni!! It wasn't there for the cut, it nipped back in and was on a fuller length to be playing the shot, was too close to his body too and Smith just feathered an edge through to Dhoni.  Dwayne Smith c Dhoni b Shami 6(20)

Over 7.2 U Yadav  to CH Gayle,  out Samuels Run Out!!  Gayle spliced the pull, fabulous effort from Mohit, he came charging in and took it on the bounce, after diving forward, he saw that Samuels was halfway and near Gayle. Threw the ball at the non-striker's end. Samuels run out (Mohit Sharma/Kohli) 2(7)

Over 8.6  Mohammed Shami  to CH Gayle, out Caught by Mohit Sharma!!  The short ball does the trick work for Shami this time. Gayle went for the pull and top-edged it to the only man at deep square leg. Mohit settles under it and takes it well.Gayle c Mohit Sharma b Shami 21(27) 

Over 9.1  U Yadav to D Ramdin, out Bowled!!  Pitched up outside off, Ramdin's feet are stuck in lead and his cover drive finds the inside edge and clatters into leg stump.  Ramdin b U Yadav 0(1)

Over 18.1 MM Sharma to LMP Simmons, out Caught by U Yadav!! W It was outside off and Simmons had to fetch it from there, couldn't control the pull and top-edged it straight to the fielder at long leg. Umesh reverse-cups it to his chest .Simmons c U Yadav b Mohit Sharma 9(22)

Over 21.5 R Ashwin to JL Carter, out Caught by Shami!!  Down leg, he connected the sweep well, albeit off a top edge, the ball was swirling away from Shami, with the sun distracting him as well. But he keeps his composure and takes it with both hands over his head. After taking it, he rubs his eyes, suggesting the sun was right in his eyes. J Carter c Shami b Ashwin 21(43) 

Over 24.1 RA Jadeja  to Andre Russell, out Caught by Kohli!!  The West Indians are playing this like a T20 game and are simply gifting their wickets away. Russell knew as soon as he hit it, that he was gone. Went for a big slog to a tossed up delivery from Jadeja and finds long-off. Kohli comes forward and accepts the catch. A Russell c Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 8(8) 

Over 35.4  Mohammed Shami  to DJG Sammy, out Caught by Dhoni!!  Went wide of the crease and got this to rear on Sammy, Sammy couldn't ride the bounce and edged it with an open face, was trying to run it down, but healthy nick and caught by Dhoni. Shami celebrates with the finger pointed upwards. Sammy c Dhoni b Shami 26(55)

Over 42.6 U Yadav to JE Taylor, out Caught and Bowled!! He is in no position to play the pull and can only lob a tame catch to Umesh who runs to his right and accepts the invitation. He strikes with the last ball of his spell. Why not defend the last ball, Jerome? When you have Holder doing all the hitting at the other end. Jerome Taylor c and b U Yadav 11(18) 

Over 44.2 RA Jadeja to JO Holder, out Caught by Kohli!!  Holder had to go for it and sliced the loft, completely mistimed and Kohli takes an easy skier at long-off. He throws the ball away after catching it and that's the end of the innings. J Holder c Kohli b Ravindra Jadeja 57(64)