Pakistan vs UAE 25th Match at Napier, 04 Mar, 2015

Toss: UAE, who chose to bowl first
Pakistan 339/6 (50)
UAE 210/8 (50)
Pakistan won by 129 runs
Man of the Match: Ahmed Shehzad
  • Mohammad Tauqir 0 * (1)
  • Mohammad Naveed 0 * (0)

Over 3.3 Manjula Guruge to Nasir Jamshed, out Caught by K Khan!!This was a nothing shot from him. It was short and outside off, Jamshed went for the pull but got it off the toe-end of the bat. The ball goes in the air towards mid-on, who takes the simplest of catches. Jamshed c K Khan b Manjula Guruge 4(12)

Over 32.5 Mohammad Naveed  to Haris Sohail, out Caught by Shaiman Anwar!!  t was on a length and around off, Sohail went for the loft over mid-on but gets it high on the bat, ends up giving a dolly to mid-on. Sohail c Shaiman Anwar b Naveed 70(83) 

Over 42.6ManjulaGuruge to SohaibMaqsoodHe is Caught ...

Over 48.3 Manjula Guruge  to Umar Akmal, out Caught by Amjad Ali!!  It was full and aimed at the stumps, Akmal moves across his stumps and whips it to deep mid-wicket, he middled it but didnt place it, picks out Amjad Ali to perfection, who holds onto a well judged catch. U Akmal c Amjad Ali b Manjula Guruge 19(13)

Over 48.4 Manjula Guruge to Misbah-ul-Haq,  out Caught by Rohan Mustafa !! Full and slanted outside off, Misbah shuffles across and lofts it to long-on, Mustafa runs to his left and clings onto a good catch, he took it over his head. Misbah c Rohan Mustafa b Manjula Guruge 65(49)