New Zealand vs Scotland 6th Match at Dunedin, 16 Feb, 2015

Toss: New Zealand, who chose to field
Scotland 142/10 (36.2)
New Zealand 146/7 (24.5)
New Zealand won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Trent Boult
  • Adam Milne 1 * (3)
  • DL Vettori 8 * (4)

Over 1.1 TA Boult  to C MacLeod, out Lbw!! Pitched up and nipping back into MacLeod, he was caught on the shuffle, the bat came down at an angle, he missed and is struck plumb in front of middle. That wasn't going anywhere but the middle of middle stump. MacLeod lbw b Boult 0(1)

Over 1.2 TA Boult to Hamish Gardiner, out Lbw!!  This was pitched up and nipped back in slightly, Gardiner was prodding across in defence, misses and the ball brushes the back-pad, halfway up, it was going on to hit the middle stump. Gardiner lbw b Boult 0(1)

Over 4.1 TA Boult  to KJ Coetzer, out Caught by Elliott!! This was full and on Coetzer's pads, he gets across and flicks it in the air, finds Elliott to perfection at mid-wicket.. Coetzer c Elliott b Southee 1(10)

Over 4.2 TA Boult to PL Mommsen, out Lbw!! Southee is on a hat-trick. This was full and nipped back in late, Mommsen was caught on the shuffle, the ball clipped his pad and then went on to hit the bat. The impact was around middle and it was crashing into leg-stump. Mommsen lbw b Southee 0(1)

Over 27.5 Corey Anderson to Matt Machan, out Caughtby Brendon McCullum!! . Banged in short, Machan fetches the pull from outside off, splices it over mid-on, McCullum runs across from mid-off, dives full length and holds onto a terrific catch. Machan c Brendon McCullum b Corey Anderson 56(79)

Over 29.3 Corey Anderson to RD Berrington,  out Caught by Milne!!. Well directed short delivery, it was angled in from round the wicket, Berrington goes for the pull, top-edges it to fine leg, Milne runs forward and completes a simple catch. Berrington c Milne b Corey Anderson 50(80)

Over 33.2 Corey Anderson to Matthew Cross, out Caught by Ronchi!!  It wasn't a wicket-taking delivery though, but the Kiwis won't mind it. It was short and a little wide outside off, Cross hangs back and looks to cut, ends up edging it to the keeper. Matthew Cross c Ronchi b Corey Anderson 14(18) 

Over 34.5 DL Vettori to Rob Taylor,  out Stumped!!  Vettori gave this one more around off, Taylor was looking to work it through the off-side, but the ball goes straight on. He misses the shot and falls over after losing his balance. Ronchi collects and whips the bails off in a flash. Scotland in deep toruble now. Rob Taylor st Ronchi b Vettori 4(6)

Over 36.1 DL Vettori to R Majid Haq, out Caught by Ross Taylor!! It was floated up just outside off, Haq was pushing at it off the front foot, the ball doesn't spin back and goes on with the angle, takes the outside edge and Taylor moves to his left to take a simple catch at slip. Haq c Ross Taylor b Vettori 0(2)

Over 36.2 DL Vettori to Iain Wardlaw, out Lbw!! floated up on off and middle, Wardlaw goes forward for the defensive push, but the ball strikes the pad first instead of the bat. The umpire gave it 'Not Out', but Vettori and McCullum were confident that the ball was hit the pad first. Iain Wardlaw lbw b Vettori 0(1)