India vs Sri Lanka 5th ODI at Ranchi, 16 Nov, 2014

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 286/8 (50)
India 288/7 (48.4)
India won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Angelo Mathews
  • Axar Patel 17 * (14)
  • Virat Kohli 139 * (126)

Over 2.4 AD Mathews bowls a back of length delivery to AM Rahane, BOWLED HIM, Rahane is unlucky as he moves back to play this ball but to his shock it scoots low to go through the gate and hit off and middle!

Over 4.3 AD Mathews bowls a back of length delivery to RG Sharma, BOWLED HIM, Rohit makes a touch of room to slog pull this over mid wicket but the ball nips back to strike the top of his middle stump.

Over 27.6 Shaminda Eranga bowls a back of length delivery to V Kohli, and Rayudu gets Run Out! All was well until this school boy run out! Kohli dabbed this ball wide of the diving keeper who stopped it cleanly and he was ball watching. Rayudu took off from the other end for a single and came all way but had to return to the bowling end. All in vain for Rayudu as the bowler collects the keeper's throw and fires a direct throw.

Over 33.3 BAW Mendis bowls a tossed up delivery to RV Uthappa, CAUGHT, Uthappa looks to flick this and fails to keep it along the ground and gets caught by the diving Mathews at short mid wicket.

Over 39.4 BAW Mendis bowls a tossed up delivery to KM Jadhav, STUMPED OUT, Jadhav steps out for a slog sweep and gets beaten by a googly just outside off and gets stumped.

Over 43.1 BAW Mendis bowls a tossed up delivery to STR Binny, STUMPED OUT, Binny steps out for a big hit and is beaten by a googly which turns in down the legside and Chandimal completes the stumping.

Over 43.2 BAW Mendis bowls it flat in the air to R Ashwin, OUT LBW, another googly from Mendis and Ashwin on the frontfoot plays outside the line and is struck on the pad in front of middle. Umpire Oxenford lifts his finger and Mendis is on a hat-trick. Hold on, the Umpire wants to check for the noball! Replays show that Mendis was fine with his landing and Ashwin walks back with a duck. Mendis on a hat-trick...