Lahore Lions vs Perth Scorchers 19th Match at Bengaluru, 30 Sep, 2014

Toss: Perth Scorchers, who chose to bowl first
Lahore Lions 124/6 (20)
Perth Scorchers 130/7 (19)
Perth Scorchers won by 3 wkts
Man of the Match: Mitchell Marsh
  • GB Hogg 28 * (19)
  • Mitchell Marsh 63 * (38)

Over 7.2 Mohammad Hafeez bowls it flat in the air to MR Marsh, FOUR, moves back and flicks it behind squareleg for a Boundary!

Over 13.1AdnanRasool bowls flighted delivery to GB Hogg, gets forward and drives it straight down the groundBoundary!

Over 13.5AdnanRasool bowls short of length delivery to GB Hogg, goes back and across to play a square cut past backward point.Boundary!

Over 15.2AdnanRasool bowls flighted delivery to MR Marsh, gets forward and drives it wide of mid off.Boundary!

Over 16.4WahabRiaz bowls half volley to MR Marsh, leans forward and drives it gloriously past covers for a boundary.Boundary!

Over 17.1 Saad Nasim bowls it flat in the air to MR Marsh, FOUR, rocks back and pulls the half tracker flat and wide of long on for a one bounce Boundary!