Cricket betting terminology: The most common terms explained

Published on: Oct 18, 2021

Cricket is one of the most popular sports on the planet and is followed in every corner of the world. Anyone who watches cricket could tell you why. The action and drama the sport delivers is first-class. There are also a wide number of top domestic leagues to catch, such as India’s IPL, plus regular international series to enjoy. All this makes cricket a top game for any sports fan.

Another reason for its popularity is being able to legally bet on cricket in many countries. This is not only a way to get more from cricket but also makes it more fun to watch. The very process of researching cricket bets and all the stats involved can also deepen your knowledge of the game. To help with all this, many people will use online sites which provide reliable information and guidance around cricket sports betting. Finding a pick of the day bet in cricket is a good way to speed up your selection process and can be a great starting point for more research.

As all fans know, there are lot of popular cricket terms to know about when following the game. To successfully bet on cricket, there is also some crucial betting terminology to learn as well.

But what are some of the most common terms to grasp?

Match odds to top runscorer

One of the things that draws people to bet on this sport is the large range of markets to dive into. This means finding good odds is easier and you can use a wide range of betting strategies, depending on who is playing. But what are some of these markets and terms all about?

It is perhaps best to start with the most basic — the Win market. This sees you backing one side to win the game — if this happens you get paid out. This can be an easy bet to call but does not always come with great odds. From there, it starts to get a little more specific

For example, 'top runscorer' refers to betting on which player will score most runs for one side in the match. You may also see the term 'first over total runs' used when betting on cricket. This relates to guessing whether the total runs in the first over will go over or under a pre-set number. Many cricket bettors talk about the 'first wicket method' too. This basically refers to how the game’s first wicket will be taken and backing the right one

More common terms in cricket betting

While a lot of the terminology you see used relates to the bets you can make, sometimes it is more general. A lock for example is deemed as a bet you think will win easily. Futures bets are wagers you make for events which have not happened yet, such as who will win the next Ashes series

Hedging is sometimes talked about. This relates to placing one bet and then making a covering bet to make a return if the initial bet loses. For people who have not bet on cricket before, you may see the terms favourite and underdog. This relates to who is expected to win the match and who is considered an outsider. Some people may also use the term value in relation to odds. This is referring to getting better odds than you should for an event — such as New Zealand men being 10/1 to beat Papua New Guinea in an ODI match

Other cricket betting terminology to learn

So, what other key terms should you know before diving into cricket betting? Over/Under is one and refers to placing bets on the number of times an event happens in a game being more or less than a pre-defined figure

'Draw No Bet' is also widely seen and means you get your stake back if the game is a draw. You may also hear 'Top Team Bowler' talked about. This simply refers to the bowler in the game who takes the most wickets for his side. If you hear the term 'Man of the Match' in cricket betting, this is about guessing which player will be given this award at the end of play

Key to know common terms in cricket betting

Cricket is an exciting game with plenty going on to keep up with — such as Virat Kohli stepping down as India T20I captain. Betting on the sport only adds to this excitement, but it really is worth learning the most essential terminology first. This will not only help you understand what is happening better but also help you be more in control of your betting