Disgraceful if England players indeed urinated on the Oval pitch

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Published on: Aug 27, 2013

Ashes 2013 has been full of controversies right from the Stuart Broad ‘cheating’incident to the DRS horror handed

Ashes 2013 has been full of controversies right from the Stuart Broad ‘cheating’ incident to the DRS horror handed out to Usman Khawaja and various off the field tussles. Even the final Test ended up a bizarre manner, with the play being called off with just four overs left and England needing only 21. There were boos from the crown for everyone – the match officials, the opposition skipper Michael Clarke and even the home skipper Alastair Cook. But, nothing can compare to the allegations of the urinating by some England players on the Oval pitch a few hours after the Test ended in a draw.

According to a section of the Australian media, three top England players – Kevin Pietersen, James Anderson and Stuart Broad -- urinated on the pitch while apparently being cheered on by teammates. If that indeed is true, it is shocking, distasteful and downright disgraceful, especially because the three players in question are three of the biggest cricketers in English cricket. The allegations of urinating on the pitch against these players must be investigated with sincerity and if indeed they are found to be guilty the culprits must be punished.

Cricketers, just like other sportsmen from their respective countries, are expected to behave in a gentlemanly manner at least after the games are over. Fans look up to them as role models and such alleged incidents do not set the right precedent. While one can understand that the English players were elated at having won yet another prestigious Ashes series – the victory meant as much to them as some of the previous wins they ought to control their emotions. It was amazing to watch the players take their kids around and posing with the fans, but if there is any truth in the urinating incident it will take all the sheen off their celebrations.

One can distinctly remember that after India won their first ever Test in South Africa, at Johannesburg in 2006, there were some wild celebrations in the dressing room, which even caused some damage to the room. In fact, the BCCI supposedly had to pay for the damages caused. There was some criticism of the Indian team in the media too. But if reports of England players’ ‘pee’ving tactics turn out to be true, India’s digression would be nothing in comparison.

Agreed, there is too much pressure in sport there days. And, the Ashes are among the most stressful battles in the cricketing circles. But, naturally England would have been pumped up after getting over Australia for the third time in a row. Their excitement was palpable since the Aussies have meted out similar treatment to them for most part of the last two decades. Even putting all of these points together, it doesn’t justify the alleged manner in which they relieved themselves.

--By A Cricket Analyst

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