Published on: Sep 30, 2021

The IPL season is slowly but surely drawing to its grand close, with 42 out of the scheduled 56 matches already accounted for. That is 75% of the season already done. It has been a hard fought season, with the pandemic making it even more difficult and more necessary than ever to stick to what has always brought passion and joy to the people. A lot of media outlets, fans, and Indian betting sites have had interesting predictions as to which teams will make the playoffs and possibly win the title. It is that time of the season when people have to choose and detail, so we came up with some as well.

Tuesday's double-header games did some of the work by clearing up the clog in the middle of the table, with the Knight Riders and Indians separating themselves from the Punjab Kings. So, not considering net run rates and giving every team a 50-50 chance at qualification, this is where we stand:

1. We are going as high as 97% probability that CSK finish in the top two. At the very least their position is top three

2. The Kolkata Knight Riders did themselves some good taking points from DC, but they have all the cards in their hands to make a top two finish. We are 92% sure.

3. RCB have done well all season and may be nursing silent desire to steal a top two spot. We say 96% certain of them being in the top 4

4. The Knight Riders did themselves a huge favour on Tuesday, and if the keep their run going, a top four spot is definitely a possibility by as much as 55%. They'll need a miracle to get into a top two spot

5. There is only a 2% chance that the Indians can get into the number two spot, but a top four finish is much more likely.

6. The Kings are out of any top two consideration after losing on Tuesday, but there is hope alive for a top four finish. 18% chance of that happening

7. SRH and RR are the dark horses with chances as slim as 1.3% to make a top four finish and upset the current balance. Surprisingly, SRH has as many as 14 possible scenarios in which it can come out third in the league, but this has only a 0.01% chance of happening because there are 16,000 possible outcomes to the end of this season.