Chris Gayle: The World-Class Cricketer Who Lives Life King ...

Chris Gayle: The World-Class Cricketer Who Lives Life King Size

Published on: Nov 24, 2020

What comes to your mind when you hear the name, Chris Gayle? Greatest batsman? God of T20? or his luxurious lifestyle? Here is all about the Jamaican Cricketer.

Chris Gayle, commonly known as Gayleforce, Gaylestorm, and MasterStorm, is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. He has scored the fastest and the most hundreds in T20 and also the most fours and sixes, breaking all records.

No wonder Gayle is the best batsman out there. He adds an extra element of fun on the ground with his striking smile and impromptu dancing on the field. If you're a huge fan of cricket but are tired of sports betting, you can try your luck at an online casino.

But how much do you know about his off-the-pitch life? Gayle is well known beyond cricket too. His extravagant lifestyle has everyone green-eyed. He calls himself the "Universe Boss," and unsurprisingly, it fits him in every possible way.

He is the coolest and the richest cricketer in the cricket world. Let's take a quick glimpse into the life of Chris Gayle here.

Gayle’s Lavish Lifestyle

If you follow him on social media accounts, you might know about his larger than life lifestyle. His stunning palatial mansion in Jamaica overlooking a breath-taking view is the main highlight.

With two swimming pools, four garages, a strip club in his room, a bar, sports and gaming zones, and an extensive home theatre, Gayle is undoubtedly living life to the fullest.

Being a party freak, Mr. Gayle hosts endless parties for his friends and fellow cricketers in his mansion time and again. His love for sports cars and bikes is unmatchable.

He owns a crazy collection of some of the best cars and bikes in the world. You might see him driving to his favorite bar frequently on his Bentley, Benz, or Audi.

As much as he enjoys his life, he believes in giving back to society and has set up a Gayle Academy in London and Jamaica. He encourages children to choose their favorite sport and work hard to make their dreams come to reality.

This world-class cricketer scored his 40th six in the 2019 World Cup, making it one of the most sixes in the World Cup's entire history. Even at the age of 40, he continues to excel and perform exceptionally.

He is one of a kind and never ceases to amaze the audience, be it on or off the pitch. Chris Gayle's hard work and talent paid off even though he wasn't from a well-off background. He did have to struggle initially but tasted success soon after.

He celebrates life like there's no tomorrow, and you can catch a glimpse of it too on his Instagram. It's no surprise that a world-class and the greatest batsmen of all time enjoy his life in the best possible way every single day.

A cricketer with no familial background of cricketers made it to the top with mere hard work and is now living the dream of his life, which is incredible. Chris Gayle certainly is the Universe Boss without any doubt.