Kolkata XI vs Punjab XI 45th Match at Bengaluru, 01 Oct, 2021

Toss: Punjab, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 165/7 (20)
Punjab XI 168/5 (19.3)
Punjab Kings won by 5 wickets
Man of the Match: Lokesh Rahul
  • Shahrukh Khan 22 * (9)
  • Fabian Allen 0 * (0)

Over 2.2 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to Shubman Gill, out Bowled!! Gill was pressing forward on the defensive push, as he did so, he left a big gap between bat and pad - think the ball grazed the inside edge as it crashed into the top of off-stump

Over 11.3: He is Caught. R Bishnoi to Venkatesh Iyer,

Over 14.4: He is Caught. R Bishnoi to Nitish Rana,

Over 15.5: Out LBW. Mohammed Shami to Nitish Rana,

Over 17.4 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to Nitish Rana, out Caught by Mayank!!  On a length, outside off, slogged, and reverse-cupped at deep mid-wicket. 

Over 19.6 Arshdeep Singh bowls a good length delivery to Dinesh Karthik, out Bowled!!