Australia vs India at Brisbane , 15 Jan, 2021

Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
Australia 369/10 (115.2)  &  294/10 (75.5)
India 336/10 (111.4)  &  329/7 (97)
India won by 3 wickets
Man of the Match: Rishabh Pant

    Over 6.2: He is Caught. Pat Cummins to Rohit Sharma,

    Over 38.5: He is Caught. Josh Hazlewood to Ajinkya Rahane,

    Over 54.6: He is Caught. Mitchell Starc to Mayank Agarwal,

    Over 60.2: He is Caught. Josh Hazlewood to Rishabh Pant,

    Over 66.3 Josh Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Rishabh Pant,  out Caught by Green!! Pant was looking to help it on its way but flapped it straight to gully where Green was quick to bend down low and takes it.

    Over 102.3 Pat Cummins bowls a good length delivery to Shardul Thakur, out Bowled!! Good length just outside off stump, this nips back significantly and beats the big drive and knocks the stumps.

    Over 107.4 Josh Hazlewood bowls a good length delivery to Navdeep Saini, out Caught by Smith!! Saini played hard hands. The outside edge is found and it travels straight to Smith at the second slip

    Over 111.4 Josh Hazlewood bowls a slower one to Mohammed Siraj,  out Bowled!! Siraj backed away and is through with the heave way too early -  the ball beats the bat and crashed into the off-stump.