Bangalore XI vs Hyderabad XI Eliminator at Dhabi, 06 Nov, 2020

Toss: Hyderabad , who chose to bowl
Bangalore XI 131/7 (20)
Hyderabad XI 132/4 (19.4)
Hyderabad won by 6 wickets
Man of the Match: Kane Williamson
  • Jason Holder 25 * (21)
  • Kane Williamson 49 * (43)

Over 0.4 Mohammed Siraj bowls a good length delivery to SP Goswami, out Caught by de Villiers!!  Goswami flashes, has no feet when he does, and yea, nicks. There's a bit of wobble on this, but AB takes it cleanly

Over 5.4 Mohammed Siraj bowls a good length delivery to David Warner, out Caught by de Villiers!! Warner backing away and cutting him in half. Also, there's a sound as the ball goes through Warner's bat and body, and it sounds like glove.

Over 8.3 Adam Zampa tossed up delivery to Manish Pandey,  out Caught by de Villiers!! Pandey attempt to back away and cut a not-so-wide one - ends up getting a feather off the outside edge through to the keeper.

Over 11.5 Yuzvendra Chahal bowls a quicker arm ball to Priyam Garg, out Caught by Zampa!!  The ball was sliced away and the man at deep cover manages to gobble it up. Good catch in the end.