Punjab XI vs Chennai XI 12th Match at Mohali, 15 Apr, 2018

Toss: Chennai XI, who chose to bowl
Punjab XI 197/7 (20)
Chennai XI 193/5 (20)
Punjab XI won by 4 runs
Man of the Match: CH Gayle
  • Dwayne Bravo 1 * (1)
  • MS Dhoni 79 * (44)

Over 2.6Barinder Sran bowls short of length delivery to Murali Vijay, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

Over 13.2 Barinder Sran bowls it short of length to AT Rayudu, Six!! Rocks back in the crease and pulls it high and handsome over deep square leg and the ball went over the ropes for six.

Over 14.3 Ravichandran Ashwin bowls a tossed up delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps it from the middle of the bat over square leg

Over 17.4 Mohit Sharma bowls a pitched up delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Gets under it to send it over deep mid-wicket and the ball went long long way in to the stands.

Over 17.6 Mohit Sharma good length delivery to Ravindra Jadeja, Six!! Goes deep in the crease and smokes it over long on for a maximum.

Over 18.3 Andrew Tye good length delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Stands tall and smokes it over deep mid wicket for a maximum.

Over 18.6 Andrew Tye good length delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Gets himself, has an excellent willow in his hand and swings across the line and over the boundary line.

Over 19.6 Mohit Sharma bowls a pitched up delivery to MS Dhoni, Six!! Comes on to the front foot and lofts it over long and the ball went all the way in to the stands.