Sri Lanka vs Australia 2nd T20I at Colombo, 09 Sep, 2016

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
Sri Lanka 128/9 (20)
Australia 130/6 (17.5)
Australia won by 4 wickets
Man of the Match: GJ Maxwell
  • Travis Head 9 * (10)
  • Peter Nevill 3 * (1)

Over 1.3 JW Hastings bowls a pitched up delivery to Dhananjaya de Silva, no runs, gets across the line and flicks it towards mid-on.

Over 5.4 James Faulkner bowls a good length delivery to MDKJ Perera, out Caught by Warner!! Perera gets a thick leading edge on the flick, early into the shot and hence he couldn't control it. Warner from mid-on sprints to his right and dives full length to grabs it.

Over 7.1James Faulkner to LD ChandimalHe is Caught ...

Over 8.5 Adam Zampa to Kusal Mendis, out Lbw! Legbreak pitches on and around leg-stump and spins away to wrap Mendis's pad after he missed the sweep. Loud, intentful appeal and up goes the finger.

Over 12.3Adam Zampa to CKKapugederaHe is Caught ...

Over 12.5Adam Zampa to NLTCPereraHe is Caught ...

Over 14.1 JW Hastings bowls a good length delivery to SS Pathirana, out Caught and Bowled!! Short delivery that hurried onto Pathirana, who was cramped on the pull, ball hits the splice and lobs to the left of the bowler, Hastings runs across to complete the catch.

Over 17.6 James Faulkner bowls a pitched up delivery to Seekkuge Prasanna,  out Caught by Khawaja!! Prasanna got underneath it as well, but couldn't get the timing right, skies it towards mid-wicket. Khawaja backtracks and reverse cups it, manages to hold on

Over 19.4 Mitchell Starc bowls a good length delivery to Dhananjaya de Silva, out Caught by Faulkner!!  de Silva tries to lift it over the mid-off fielder, does not get it anywhere close to the middle. Faulkner runs across to his left and takes a very good catch.