Kolkata XI vs Hyderabad XI 55th T20 at Kolkata, 22 May, 2016

Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad, who chose to bowl
Kolkata XI 171/6 (20)
Hyderabad XI 149/8 (20)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 22 runs
Man of the Match: YK Pathan
  • Barinder Sran 2 * (2)
  • Karn Sharma 8 * (11)

Over 7.1 Colin Munro bowls a pitched up delivery to Shikhar Dhawan, 1 run, stays on the front foot and drives it rather uppishly to sweeper cover

Over 7.2 Colin Munro bowls a good length delivery to Naman Ojha, 1 run, goes back in the crease and taps it down to long-on and picks up another single.

Over 7.3 Colin Munro bowls a slower one to Shikhar Dhawan, 1 run,  takes a step or two out of the crease and drives it to long-off

Over 7.4 Colin Munro bowls a pitched up delivery to Naman Ojha, no runs, gets forward and drives it staight to cover on the rise.

Over 7.5 Colin Munro bowls a pitched up delivery to Naman Ojha, 1 run, gets across the line and whips it away through mid-wicket and picks up one more.

Over 7.6 Colin Munro bowls it short of length to Shikhar Dhawan, Boundary! Backs away in the crease and steers it down to third-man fence for four.