New Zealand vs Sri Lanka 1st Test at Dunedin, 09 Dec, 2015

Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bowl first
New Zealand 431/10 (96.1)  &  267/3 (65.4)
Sri Lanka 294/10 (117.1)  &  282/10 (95.2)
New Zealand won by 122 runs
Man of the Match: Martin Guptill
  • Nuwan Pradeep 4 * (10)

Over 15.6RAS Lakmal to Tom Latham He is Caught ...

Over 54.5 Nuwan Pradeep to KS Williamson,  out Caught by Karunaratne!! Nipping away from a good length, Williamson has a waft. In an unlike Williamson fashion, he went with hard hands and outside edge nestles in the safe hands of Karunaratne at first slip.

Over 58.6 Nuwan Pradeep  to LRPL Taylor, out Lbw!!. Pradeep was bringing the ball back in, Taylor had shuffled too far across his stumps to clip this. Missed and was rapped on the pads

Over 78.1 PVD Chameera bowls a good length delivery to Mitchell Santner,  out Caught by Chandimal!

Over 80.1 PVD Chameera bowls a tossed up delivery to BJ Watling,  out Caught by Kithuruwan Vithanage!! 

Over 84.6 AD Mathews bowls a pitched up delivery to MJ Guptill, out Caught by Chandimal!! 

Over 87.2 RAS Lakmal bowls a back of length delivery to TG Southee, out Caught by Siriwardana!! Draws Southee forward by pitching it up. The late swing takes Southee's outside edge and goes low towards second slip and he takes it well.

Over 94.6 Nuwan Pradeep bowls a good length delivery to N Wagner, out Caught by Udara Jayasundera!! Wagner hangs back and goes for the hook. Gets a faint top-edge which flies straight down the throat of long-on

Over 96.1 Nuwan Pradeep bowls a pitched up delivery to DAJ Bracewell,  out Lbw!!