Delhi XI vs Hyderabad XI 45th T20 at Raipur, 09 May, 2015

Toss: Sunrisers Hyderabad, who chose to bat first
Hyderabad XI 163/4 (20)
Delhi XI 157/4 (20)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 6 runs
Man of the Match: MC Henriques
  • Saurabh Tiwary 26 * (25)
  • Kedar Jadhav 63 * (34)

Over 2.4 B Kumar bowls it short of length to Shreyas Iyer, out Caught and Bowled!! Short delivery on the off stump, Iyer goes for the pull, the ball takes the top edge and goes high in the air and Buvi takes a simple catch in the end. 

Over 8.2 Karn Sharma   to Quinton de Kock, out Stumped!! Tosses up delivery,  comes down the track and looks to slog, doesn't get to the pitch of the ball, it keeps a bit low as well and the keeper did the rest.

Over 9.6 Parvez Rasool to Yuvraj Singh, out Caught by Karn Sharma!! Nothing but a flighted delivery on the stumps, Yuvraj comes down the track. He doesn't look for a big shot either, just loft the drive gently and times it so sweetly that long-on didn't have to move an inch. 

Over 10.2 Karn Sharma to JP Duminy, out Bowled!! I Flighted delivery pitching just outside off stump, Duminy plays inside the line, tries to run it down to third man off the back foot, the ball goes past the outside edge and knocks the off stump