Ireland vs UAE 16th Match at Brisbane, 25 Feb, 2015

Toss: Ireland, who chose to field
UAE 278/9 (50)
Ireland 279/8 (49.2)
Ireland won by 2 wickets
Man of the Match: GC Wilson
  • G Dockrell 7 * (5)
  • AR Cusack 5 * (6)

Over 47.4 Mohammad Naveed bowls a good length delivery to G Dockrell, no runs, opens the face of the bat and dabs it to short third-man.

Over 47.5 Mohammad Naveed bowls a back of length delivery to G Dockrell, 1 run, backs away and punches it pass point and picks up a single.

Over 48.5 Amjad Javed bowls it short of length to G Dockrell, Boundary! Backs away and lofts it inside out over cover and the ball raced away to the boundary.

Over 48.6 Amjad Javed bowls a good length delivery to G Dockrell, no runs, goes on to the back foot and misses the flick.

Over 49.2 Mohammad Naveed bowls a back of length delivery to G Dockrell, 2 runs, goes on to the back foot and lofts it over cover and picks up winning runs.

Ireland won by 2 wickets. What a dramatic finish at the end.

Gary Wilson is the Man of the Match

Gary Wilson: I was delighted to get a few, I hadn't had too many coming into the game. So, its nice to come back and make a good contribution. I was confident to be honest and told myself that it was my day. Luckily, it worked out. We are playing well at the international level and Kevin's a great guy to come at that stage. If we make it 4 wins, we can make it through the next stage.

Porterfield: Well, it was very close than what we would have wanted, but you will take the win any day of the week. I couldn't get going myself, but wickets in hand are always a big thing, especially if you have lads like Wilson and Kev, they are very good strikers of the ball and it makes it a bit easier. Keeping wickets in hand is a big thing in this format. The confidence is high within the squad. Obviously, we had a big break before this game and it's nice to get a win here again. Fixtures start coming a bit thicker and faster. Score more runs than them. Take wickets upfront and manage to restrict them. But it was good to keep wickets in hand and at the end, it did help.

Tauqir: It was a decent batting effort by Shaiman, he played a superb knock. From 130 to 280, it was a superb knock from him. Both of them played superbly. Both of them are really good batsmen, especially Shaiman, lower down the order. Initially, we did well, but in the later half the ball became wet and the ball was not helping the seamers. It went to the wire.